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    • Stephanie Burton

      You are a blessing from God!!! I’m so thankful for all that you are doing for the children of Baltimore, if it wasn’t for you miss April my kids wouldn’t have anything for school this year until I get my check on the 2nd, My children would of probably gotten tease and picked on for wearing old shoes and clothes especially my oldest who is 13 Thank you so much again you are truly my children’s (Marlow 13, Mareona 6 & Marlaina 4) guardian angel!!!!! We look forward seeing you and meeting you tomorrow. Oh In also wanted you to know if u still need a face painter i be glad to help out, but it would only be for a lil bit because I have to work tomorrow @ 2:00
      yours truly,
      Stephanie B.
      P.S. Do the children have to be a certain age to get there hair done and cut. Also what grade do the kids have to be to receive school supplies, uniforms, shoes ect…. Also how many kids can you bring because someone told me two kids per parent is this true?

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