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Overall Maintenance

Overall Maintenance

The most important thing to remember about Divah Glam hair is to treat it as you would your real hair! When washing and conditioning your Divah Glam hair always use a moisturizing shampoo (we highly recommend using Divahglam Argon Oil shampoo. For DEEP cleansing we recommend using Divahglam Tea Tree shampoo.  For conditioning we PREFER you use Divahglam Argon Oil conditioner.  For deep conditioning treating we recommend Divahglam Magic Potion.  DGMP is a moisturizer, conditioner, and treatment all in one with out a heavy build up. Other conditioners recommended Divahglam Tea Tree conditioner.  For extra dry or tangled hair we prefer you to use Divahglam Argon Oil Hair Treatment. 100% VIRGIN HAIR CAN COME WITH A SCENT  THIS HAPPENS DURING PROCESSING OF VIRGIN HAIR AND THE CHEMICALS USED BY THE VENDORS&DONORS, WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED TRY DIVAHGLAM HAIR FRESHENER LEAVES HAIR LOOKING &SMELLING GREAT. LACE IS PRETTY , DELICATE & SENSITIVE TO KEEP HAIR FROM UNRAVELING FROM LACE WE RECOMMEND YOU SEAL YOUR LACE WEEKLY , THIS WILL HELP KEEP YOUR LACE SEALED AND MOISTURIZED  USE SMALL AMOUNTS OF LACE SEALER OF YOUR CHOICE WE RECOMMEND WEFT SEALER WORKS GREAT TO SEAL LACE AND LOCK IN MOISTURE.


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