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Tangling & Matting

Tangling & Matting

When washing your Divah Glam hair remember to always be gentle with your washing process. Heavy scrubbing with deep cleansing shampoos can cause your hair to matte.  If your hair is tangling it normally means it dry or it has heavy product build up. If all your hair is experiencing dryness then try another conditioner that works better at moisturizing your hair.  We highly recommend using DGMP.  All hair products are not created equal for all Divah Glam hair. Each bundle of Divah Glam hair comes from a different donor. Each  bundle you purchase may respond differently to the products that your using. If your having these problems your best option is to treat your hair with Divahglam Argon Oil Hair Treatment.  Allow treatment to sit on the hair for 30 to 45 minutes to get best results.

  • do not use oil sheen or heavy oils (weighs the hair down)
  • do not blow dry (always allow hair to air dry)
  • do not use sulfate shampoos (see recommended shampoos)

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